July 4, 2022

Since 2005, the Clean India Show (CIS) has brought together cleaning & hygiene industry professionals and end-users to promote facility cleaning and maintenance in India.

CIS is now the single largest Cleaning Industry platform for manufacturers to showcase their cleaning & hygiene solutions.  In addition, facility management (FM) professionals patronize CIS to learn the latest product innovations and cleaning solutions from across the globe.

CIS is a great place for FM professionals to update themselves with the latest innovation & technology for managing commercial, municipal, industrial & residential buildings.

CIS is a sought-after networking event for product suppliers & solution seekers to connect, establish and grow their relationships.

GPAL is happy to announce that its distributor, PECOPP Pest Control Services Private Limited (PECOPP), is displaying FLYght traps and RodeXit proofing strips for the first time in India at a trade show through the CIS 2022.

When GPAL launched FLYght One UV LED ILT in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic-induced lockdown allowed only for an online event.  However, a year later, when GPAL launched FLYght Duo UV LED ILT in 2021, that event was online, too, as India was during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The launch of RodeXit in April 2022 was also an online event as GPAL distributors were in different Indian cities and could only meet RodeXit inventor Bjorn von Ryberg in Denmark and their marketing advisor Raja Mahendran in Australia over a video call.

With the resumption of trade shows, it is now business as usual, and we look forward to customers getting a feel of FLYght and RodeXit at PECOPP’s CIS 2022 stall.

Here is what you can expect when you see those products for the first time.

FLYght traps: FLYght One and FLYght Duo are compact, making many viewers wonder how such a small trap can be effective as conventional fluorescent tube ILTs, which are about double the size of FLYght traps. 

The metal shell of FLYght traps makes them sturdy and last longer and withstand handling without damage for many years.

You can also open the FLYght trap to notice that the eight UV LEDs face the white bio-Visual Enhancer (VE)+ board at the back of the trap. 

The bright glow you notice is a reflection from the bioVE+ board, and its UV component (which people can’t see) attracts filth flies to the FLYght trap. 

You will see that the two glue boards slide into the trap, and a viewer can’t see the flies stuck on them. 

The most amazing aspect of both traps is that FLYght is under two kilograms, and FLYght One is slightly heavier than two kilograms.

RodeXit: RodeXit has been available in India only since April 2022, and thus few Indian customers have seen it.  However, GPAL’s distributors have shown the product’s samples to FM teams across India.

RodeXit is available as a twenty-five-meter roll in flat cardboard boxes and is very handy to move around.

The RodeXit roll is suitable for cutting in any length, which avoids wastage, which is common with other rodent proofing products that their manufacturers sell in pre-set lengths.

The screw markings across the strip are guides to installers and are key for quick fixing RodeXit on doors and shutters.

When you touch the RodeXit strip, you will feel it has a rubbery texture as it is a Santoprene elastomer (thermoplastic vulcanizate). 

RodeXit is rigid enough to withstand pressure but retains flexibility for door and shutter use after RodeXit installation. 

When you observe the cut end of RodeXit, you will notice the ten steel wires impart RodeXit’s ability to repel rodents.  Unfortunately, due to the presence of the steel wires, you can only cut RodeXit using a metal cutter, though you can trim the elastomer portion using Stanley knives.

Customers can avail of the special discount that PECOPP is offering for order bookings at the CIS 2022 at their stall.

We look forward to meeting you at the PECOPP CIS 2022 stall, where their team shall show you FLYght One and FLYght Duo flycatchers and the RodeXit All-

In-One rodent proofing strip.

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