April 3, 2023

Denmark’s RodeXit rodent seal is one of the few global products exclusively used for rodent-proofing. 

Giridhar Pai Associates LLP (GPAL) has been the exclusive RodeXit distributor in India since 2022. As a result, many Indian customers have used the RodeXit rodent seal to secure their premises against rodents like mice, rats, and bandicoots.

With help from our distributors Seva Facility Services Private Limited (Seva), we filmed the RodeXit rodent seal installation. Seva’s skilled technicians, Rahul & Rishi, installed the RodeXit rodent seal on a door & a rolling shutter in this playlist’s 2 videos in less than thirty minutes for either installation.

The two videos with Seva technicians are the first Indian videos showing a rodent-proofing product installation.

You can learn about the RodeXit rodent seal in less than ten minutes using the following playlist video sequence on the GPAL YouTube Channel.

We have briefly described the content of the four videos below.

Video 1: Introducing RodeXit rodent seal in India

GPAL introduced Denmark’s RodeXit All-In-One rodent seal in India in 2022.

After the United States of America, India is only the 2nd country where the RodeXit rodent seal is available.

By January 2023, many Indian businesses had installed RodeXit rodent seals for rodent-proofing buildings.

Rodent control involves rodent – prevention, monitoring, trapping, & baiting.

Rodent prevention through better sanitation & rodent-proofing buildings ensures that rodents don’t enter your building.

What is RodeXit rodent seal: RodeXit rodent seal is a Santoprene polymer strip with ten 1 mm. wide stainless-steel (SS) wires inside at 5 mm. gaps to repel rodent entry. It is 4 mm. thick & 62 mm. wide & has two screw markings every 10 cm.

RodeXit rodent seal is waterproof & withstands 40 to 60℃, does not expand or contract from temperature changes, has low flammability & is self-extinguishing.

How do you use the RodeXit rodent seal: You can close any gap up to 50 mm with a RodeXit rodent seal & fix it on doors, shutters & gaps around pipes.

You can fix the RodeXit rodent seal with screws or glue, or even double-sided tape & to match the décor, you can fix the RodeXit rodent seal on a mounting strip or a door-guard plate.

For heavy rodent pressure, you can use a double RodeXit rodent seal layer for additional protection & for uneven surfaces, you can cut the RodeXit rodent seal to suit the shape of the opening.

Video 2: Top 12 reasons to use RodeXit rodent seal for rodent-proofing

Highly rodent-resistant with ten gnaw-proof SS wires.
Easy & fast to install in less than 1 hour in most cases.
Metal cutters & Stanley knives are sufficient to cut RodeXit rodent seals.
Generates low trimming waste as you use only the length you need.
Even one person can quickly install a RodeXit rodent seal using screw-hole markings.
Tested & certified effective in a rat-attack test by an accredited Danish laboratory.
Single solution for varied rodent-proofing requirements.
Easy to clean & durable for up to 10 years.
Available as long rolls in flat boxes for easy storage, handling, & transport.
Good insulant that protects cool or hot air inside from escaping through doors.
Highly economical, costing INR 500 per linear foot in India as of March 2023.
Prevents the entry of other pests, not just rodents.

Video 3: How to quickly install RodeXit rodent seal on a door using adhesive

To secure a door gap with the RodeXit rodent seal, it must be more than 6 mm. through which mice or rats may enter. Measure the length of the door & the width of the gap in mm below the shutter & plan for RodeXit rodent seal installation only if the gap below the door is more than 6 mm. Gaps less than 6 mm. will not allow mouse entry & may not need RodeXit rodent seal installation.

Open the RodeXit rodent seal box & measure the required RodeXit rodent seal strip length using a tape cut with a pair of Stanley 2-14-563 Straight Cut Metal Snips.

You need Teroson MS 930 silane adhesive & an applicator to apply it to the RodeXit rodent seal strip & fix it at the door bottom above the gap. Teroson MS 930 absorbs moisture from the air & hardens in 30 minutes & is suitable for adhesive-based RodeXit rodent seal installation.

After the RodeXit rodent seal installation, the technician must open and close the door to check whether the RodeXit rodent seal hinders the door operation. Rahul and Rishi completed the RodeXit rodent seal installation in less than 10 minutes for this video.

Video 4: How to quickly install RodeXit rodent seal on a shutter using screws & washers

Though a shutter, like in our video, may have a rubber foam below it, such a barrier is insufficient to prevent rodent entry.

Rolling shutters in India have variations in their structure & the one on which we installed the RodeXit rodent seal had a curved surface due to a circular cross-section. So we fixed the RodeXit rodent seal on it using self-drilling screws, washers, and a hand drill.

To start RodeXit rodent seal installation, you must first measure the length of the rolling shutter & the width of the gap below the shutter.

After that, open the RodeXit rodent seal box, measure the required RodeXit rodent seal strip length using tape, and cut it with a tin snip.

Use a heavy object as a stopper to keep the cut RodeXit rodent seal along the shutter in place during the installation. For example, we have used three wooden pieces in our video.

Fix the RodeXit rodent seal to the shutter using screws and washers using a power drill which makes holes & inserts the screws with washers. For the two ends of the shutter, cut the RodeXit rodent seal using a Stanley Knife and shape it to fit the shutter corners you are closing.

After fixing the RodeXit rodent seal, check whether the shutter closes properly and whether the RodeXit rodent seal has closed the gap through which rodents and other pests can enter.

Our video shows a rolling shutter in which we have closed the gap with a vertical RodeXit rodent seal installation. The type of RodeXit rodent seal installation in rolling shutters in India may vary with the bottom shutter configuration.

Rahul & Rishi completed the RodeXit rodent seal installation in less than 30 minutes for this video.

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