December 7, 2021

The AedesX Smart Gravitrap is an effective, scientific, portable, flexible, low-maintenance, and pesticide-free ovi-trap against Aedes mosquitoes.

In November 2020, Asiatic Specialty Products (ASP) of Singapore introduced the AedesX Smart Gravitrap, the only trap of its kind with a unique mode of action of using their response to light to kill Aedes mosquito larvae without chemical pesticides.

AedesX Smart Gravitrap is a patented product that kills Aedes larvae naturally by using their negative phototactic behavior by which they move away from light. AedesX Smart Gravitrap’s design attracts and provides a conducive environment for female Aedes mosquitoes looking to lay their eggs. The AedesX Smart Gravitrap works on batteries and needs a water top-up for maintenance.

AedesX Smart Gravitrap is portable and flexible for deployment in any environment that needs Aedes mosquito control. When you use it in the appropriate locations and sufficient numbers, the AedesX Smart Gravitrap significantly reduces future mosquito populations reducing the potential for disease transmission in the area where users deploy it.

ASP is the proud innovator and owner of AedesX, the world’s first Smart Gravitrap co-developed with Pestroniks Innovations (Pestroniks) to add to the global arsenal in the ongoing battle against Aedes mosquitoes and the diseases they spread.

We thank ASP and Pestroniks for their support in launching AedesX Smart Gravitrap in India from December 2021.

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