January 10, 2022

Giridhar Pai Associates LLP’s second-year journey in 2021.

We launched FLYght Duo for the Indian market on May 11, 2021, when PCT Online featured a press release, Pestoniks Adds FLYght Duo Insect Light Trap (ILT).

We re-launched our website www.flyght.in on May 20, 2021, with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and FLYght Duo product listing.

We launched Introduction to FLYght Insect Light Traps (ILTs) one-minute video on July 17, 2021.

At our Sri Lankan distributor, Suren Cooke Agencies team’s training on August 10, 2021, we recorded Lead with LEDs by Carl Baptista, MD, Pestroniks Innovations, and uploaded it on YouTube on August 13, 2021.

We had our second annual distributors meet on September 28, 2021, at which we: launched our e-book The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Using UV LED Insect Light Traps and announced our FLYght for FLIGHTS sales contest.

We made our one hundredth trap shipment on October 6, 2021, to Symega Food Ingredients Limited.

We launched the AedesX Smart Gravitrap in India on December 7, 2021, by uploading the product’s Hindi video on YouTube.

We added Envogree, Dekriminators, APCO, Terra Mica, and Ajanta Trading as our distributors.

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